• A letter from Ms. McClure regarding ALEKs math:
    Dear Parents,

    In addition to the email dated January 22, 2017, and in response to questions regarding the ALEKS program I am sharing additional information concerning the web-based program and its intended use in the Penn-Delco School District.

    The District secured a number of free, one-year licenses for the web-based ALEKS program.  The curriculum department suggested we utilize the licenses for enrichment purposes only with our gifted learners as a way to expose them to above-level course content. This opportunity arose alongside a discussion about how to provide our high achieving learners with access to additional above grade-level enrichment. For the remainder of the 16-17 school year, the ALEKS program (at PDSD) is being utilized as a tool for enrichment and not as a source of direct instruction or a below-level intervention.  District access to the program will expire in June 2017.  The students can utilize the technology when the classroom teacher, gifted teacher, and student feel the need for additional enrichment, especially if the student has mastered a skill that other students are still practicing. Additionally, the gifted support teacher is able to offer ALEKS as a “choice” activity during seminar. 

     Thank you,

     Regina Mcclure

     Enjoy the glory of winter
    Hard to imagine that we are at the half way point for the school year!
    • Second Grade has been working on different types of thinking/problem solving skills (deductive, inductive, lateral, patterning)
    • Third Grade is almost finished with a Go Green - Pennsylvania ABC Power Point which we will make into a virtual book.
    • Fourth Grade has just completed Math in My World power points.  I am in the process of e-mailing copies to parents and teachers.  Students will share their interactive/classmate engaged lessons with their regular classes.
    • Fifth Grade has completed their Lunch Out projects.  They still need to share their cubes with classmates.
    • Fourth and Fifth Grade students have been reading the book, Savvy.  Students will work on chapter assignments and book talk over the next six weeks.
    • All gifted support students have started to use or will begin shortly using the ALEKs math instructional software.  This math is a supplement to curricular instruction.  Students can access ALEK on any electronic device that has Internet.  Students need to work with ALEKs 90minutes to three hours weekly to utilize this program to its fullest.  (http://www.aleks.com)
    Parent Seminar Evening Slides Parent Night 10-2016
    Dear Parents, Thank you for your continued support and guidance.  I enjoyed meeting and speaking with many of you last evening.  
    Gifted Support Services – Elementary Level
    Monday - Aston Elementary
    Morning – Aston - Planning, Observation & Consultation
    Afternoon – grade 5-seminar class will be held at Aston
    Tuesday Parkside Elementary
    Morning – Parkside – Planning, Observation & Consultation
    Afternoon –grade 2-seminar class will be held at Parkside
    Wednesday Coebourn Elementary
    Morning - Coebourn – Planning, Observation & Consultation
    Afternoon – grade seminar 3 classes will be held at Coebourn
    Thursday Pennell Elementary
    Morning – Pennell - Planning, Observation & Consultation
    Afternoon – Pennell & Aston seminar class grade 4 will be held at Pennell
    Friday Pennell Elementary
    Morning - GIEP meetings, Data collection, GIEP writing
    Afternoon - Parkside & Coebourn seminar class grade 4 will be held at Pennell