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    Name: Mr. Biordi
    Email Address: abiordi@pdsd.org
    610-497-6300, ext. 3306

    This is my Technology/STEM class page. Here's a brief description of what's goin' on in here.
    You will have technology class in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade once a year. In this class you will learn about alternative energy production and use, structures and building construction/design, transportation, Eco home and energy efficiency, rocketry.
    Again This year, ROBOTS!!! 
    Let me break it all down about what you will learn.
       Alternative energy lets you study how basic electricity is developed for use in homes and industry. It looks at the traditional ways our society has been making power for the past 100 years and it looks at the current "different" ways we can make electricity for the future with sustainable and less polluting methods. Students will learn how to make electricity from solar panels, wind mills, steam generation (via coal, nuclear, gas), hydro. This curriculum is available for the 8th graders.
       Structures and Construction teaches students how everyday buildings and structures such as bridges and homes and offices and roadways are designed, built, and tested. Students will learn which materials (wood, steel, concrete,etc) are used for the appropriate design. They will construct beams out of wood and "concrete" and test them for strength, critiquing their different materials and design (I-beam, ply, reinforced). This project is reserved for 6th graders and they love it.
       Transportation is a neat curriculum for students in my room. 7th graders will learn about current methods of railway transportation and the future of Magnetic Levitation trains. These mag lev trains are currently being used in China and Germany and they can reach speeds of 350mph. They will learn how magnetism works to levitate and push a train and they will construct their own crude mag levs to compete against each other in drag races. The 8th graders will learn about aerodynamic vehicle design when they construct rocket cars powered by a Co2 capsule. The cars are made of wood but first students will draw their design on paper and transfer it to the wood block which will then be hand cut on scroll saws, every kids' favorite activity in my room.
       Eco home and efficiency is all about how to make a house save energy. I have a small model home in my classroom with lots of neat gauges and meters to measure temperature and lighting. Students will generate electricity from the "grid", solar panels, and/or wind turbine to power lights, fans, heating, cooling inside the model home. They will also measure which is the most efficient. This project is usually reserved for 8th graders.
       Rocketry can fall under transportation but I like to think of it as more about exploration. Students will learn how a rocket engine works and how it makes a complete vehicle move into space. They will understand the many uses of rockets to put humans and objects into space. Best of all, they will construct a rocket and launch it. 6th graders will build a bottle rocket powered by compressed air and water. 7th graders will build and launch a rocket powered by a solid fuel rocket engine. Yes, real fire will come out the bottom. No worries though, all rockets are launched out in the ball fields.
       So, how will the students work and be graded?? All work is a pre programmed application designed by the LJ Create company. Students will log onto the system and then select the work for the day. The work includes reading solo and using instructional videos and illustrations. Students will then have to answer questions built into the application. At the end, the computer calculates their score. This score will be entered into gradebook.
      Homework: There isn't much homework for my class because of the nature of my STEM system in my classroom, but students will have to bring in things for certain projects such as the rockets
    Hands down this is one of the coolest classes students will take in their Northley years. They love it. I love it.
    Thanks for visiting, Mr B