Welcome to the 8th grade gold team page !

    Welcome to the Eighth Grade Gold Team Page!

    8th Grade Gold Teachers and their web page links:
                           The Eighth Grade Gold Team                                     


    Team Leader:   Mrs. Doroshenko
    Math:  Ms. Guydish
    Social Studies:  Ms. York
    English:  Mrs. Fava
    Science:  Ms. Kelly
    Reading:  Ms. Ritz
    Foreign Language:  Mrs. Mier
    Learning Support: 
            Mrs. Doroshenko
             Mrs. Wilen

    Useful links, Forms, and Info

    Google Homework Board Link  


    Team Expectations

    Be Ready: Arrive on time with correct materials, be mentally prepared to work, regularly check web page and grades.

    Be Respectful: Handle classroom materials and technology with care, treat others the way you want to be treated, use appropriate language and tone of voice, include others, and cooperate during group work.

    Be Responsible: Follow directions for all activities, focus your attention on classroom activity, keep track of homework and due dates, manage absences.

    School-wide PBS Behavior Slips: In an effort to increase on-task, productive time in the classroom, the Positive Behavior Support Committee has  developed a school-wide Behavior Slip.  Students who receive 3 slips will serve a detention on Thursday afternoons. 
    8th Grade on Social Media
    Please follow the 8th grade on Twitter and Instagram for updates on our Wonderful Student and other happenings in 8th grade!
    Twitter: @NMS8thGrade
    Instagram: nms_8thgrade
    District Hashtag: #PennDelcoProud


    Student Awards

    SPANISH Nina Wychozowycz
    MATH Ava Calvecchio
    SOCIAL STUDIES Sophia Esposito
    SCIENCE Emma Kuzinski
    ELA FAVA Xain Cabalo
    ELA RITZ Riley Basht
    SG ELA Dustin Behrle
    SOAR Sophia Possenti
    SPANISH John Nolek
    MATH Vincent Redpath
    SOCIAL STUDIES Josh Lillis
    SCIENCE Sophia Lukes
    ELA/Ritz Abby Buck
    ELA/Fava Phoebe Smith
    SG ELA  



    SPANISH ----
    MATH Chy Rogers
    SCIENCE Sasha Gutierrez
      Julian German
    ELA/Porter Rachel Bingeman
    SG ELA Aleah Meachum
    SOAR Vincent Redpath


    SPANISH see blue
    MATH Mei Bridgeford
    SOCIAL STUDIES Sophia Possenti
    SCIENCE Mahj Moore
    ELA/Ritz Snaeha George
    ELA/Fava Sasha Gutierrez
    SG ELA -------
    SOAR John Nolek


    SPANISH Mei Bridgeford
    SCIENCE Erin Lynch
    ENGLISH Tyler Digan
    SG ELA  
    SOAR Alaina Cummings


    SPANISH Emma Kuzinski
    MATH Bobbo Chambers
    SCIENCE Hayden Micun
    ELA RITZ Lucas Rowley
    ENGLISH Vincent Redpath
    SG ELA  
    SOAR Emily Bartholf


    MATH Josie Lapierre
    SOCIAL STUDIES Xavier Schaeffer
    SCIENCE Nina Wychozowycz
    ELA-Ritz Sophia Possenti
    ENGLISH-FAVA Victoria Omiridis
    SG ELA Gabrielle Johnson
    SOAR Josie Lapierre