• Residency Reverification Process

    On an annual basis, the Penn-Delco School District conducts residency reverification. The reverification process requires parents/guardians to verify the addresses of students enrolled in our schools. This year reverification is required for the following students:

    1. All Rented/Leased residences, Multiple Occupants, and 1302 Guardians are required to re-verify every year. 
    2. Owned Properties with students in grades 2nd - 12th whose last name begins with A-F, and who did not re-verify last year.

    The reverification process is a critical and effective practice to help ensure that your school district is providing an education only to those students who indeed reside within district boundaries. We very much appreciate your assistance with the process. Our staff will continue to provide assistance to make the reverification process as simple as possible.

    If you should have any questions about this process, feel free to call Marti Owens at (610) 497-6300 ext. 1308 Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:00pm.

    Please notify and complete a change of address with the office of student residency if the address for your family changes at any time. This allows us to ensure that you receive important mailings and information from the district. 

    How to Reverify Residency

    Residency reverification can be accomplished by supplying one document from each number below:

    1. Proof of Ownership or Rental of the Property in the homeowner or lessee’s name. 
      1. Acceptable documents include: A Mortgage Bill, Mortgage payment book, Settlement papers for a home owned less than one month, Deed to the property, Current year County, Township, Borough, or School District Tax Bill, or a Current and Valid Residential Lease agreement.

        2.     A Current Utility Bill for the property in the homeowner or lessee’s name.

      1. Acceptable documents include: Electric Bill, Home Phone Bill, Heating Bill, Cable Bill, Water Bill, Sewer Bill
         3.     PA Driver’s License or State Identification Card in the homeowner or lessee’s name.
                     All PA Licenses and State Identification Cards MUST reflect the address listed on items 1 & 2.

    NOTE: If Item 1 is not in your name, you will need to provide Notarized Multiple Occupancy Paperwork, along with items 1-3 and a copy of your PA Driver’s License or State ID card reflecting the address on items 1-3

    Each document must reflect your current Penn-Delco School District address.  Please be sure to have all of your documents with you, as partial reverifications will not be accepted.  Multiple Occupancy paperwork can only be obtained by visiting the District Administration Building located at 2821 Concord Road, Aston, PA 19014.


    The reverification process can be completed in several convenient ways:

    1. You may report to the Administration Building located at 2821 Concord Road, Aston PA 19014 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm, Monday-Friday. 

    2. You may fax the required documentation to Marti Owens at (610) 619-9223.

    3. You may mail your documents to The Office of Student Residency at the address listed above.

    4.  You may send the documents as a PDF e-mail attachment to mowens@pdsd.org. 


    Please be sure in all cases to indicate your name and the name of your student(s).  Thank you for your cooperation.