• Northley Middle School
    Mr. Blair

    Mr. L. J. Blair

    Northley Middle School is a community of students and staff dedicated to continuous growth and improvement in all areas.  Our students come from the communities of Aston, Parkside and Brookhaven.

    I continue to be very impressed, not only with the outstanding teachers here, but with your children. Your sons and daughters are filled with positive energy and a love for learning that is inspiring.


    Northley Middle School serves approximately 800 students in grades six, seven, and eight in the Penn-Delco community. Our academic program features 60 teachers organized into six teams, two for each grade, with a full exploratory program serving all three grades. Each year, every student takes English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies along with an "arts" cycle of courses including physical education/health, art, communication, library skills, exploratory language, technology, music, chorus, band and financial literacy. We are excited to introduce a newly updated technology course and a communications course this year.


    Our student activities include interscholastic sports, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, newspaper, yearbook, video club, art club and drama club. Middle School is both a fun and a challenging time for students. They are all about friends, sports, fashion, and music each with one foot in a child’s world and the other in a young adult world. They are learning how to respond appropriately to percolating hormones while striving to give their best effort in learning new and more challenging academic content. It is an ideal time for you and us to encourage them to develop their known talents and explore new ones.  Whether it is sports, art, dance, music or a service organization, it is a time that getting involved in such activities helps them to channel their energies in ways that are productive and positive as they develop into fine young adults.