Keeping our students and staff safe

  • Parents and guests are cordially welcome. All Penn-Delco Schools will now utilize the Raptor Visitor Management System to keep our schools safe. Parents, guests, and visitors who plan to visit beyond the main office must have a visitors ID badge generated from the Raptor system. To generate that ID, a valid state issued ID must be scanned upon your first visit to any of our schools during normal school hours. An automatically generated badge will then be shared with you to be worn while visiting the school.

    Future visits to your school will not require you to show your ID again. Simply give your name to get a new badge for that visit. Penn-Delco School District continues to make its commitment to safety and security a priority.

Volunteers welcome

  • Parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to volunteer their services in the school. Volunteer opportunities include: PTO events, Kindergarten writing, library assistance, chaperoning class trips, as well as serving as homeroom parents. When chaperoning a class trip, parents/guardians should be aware that we expect students to return to school and stay in school for the remainder of the day.   Please go to the volunteer section of this website for information about volunteer clearances and other parameters for supporting Pennell.