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  • Parents are encouraged to call school if they have questions that can not be answered by content in the handbook or on our website. In order to help parents get to the appropriate person quickly, a brief schematic is listed below. Usually, the quickest and best response will come from beginning with the person who may have the most knowledge about your question.

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  • In most instances, teachers will be in classrooms teaching when incoming calls are made. The district has both an email and voicemail system, where teachers are able to check and return emails and calls. Please understand that teachers may have an obligation after school that day and may not be able to return your email or call until the following day. Please respect and follow the below chain for inquiries, suggestions, and constructive criticism.

Chain of Inquiries

  • First Level >Teacher/Employee

    Second Level > School Counselor

    Third Level > Building Principal/Immediate Supervisor

    Fourth Level > Superintendent or Designee

    Fifth Level >  PDSD Board