Keeping our students safe

  • Please see the district visitor policy as well.

    Parents and guests are cordially welcome. All Penn-Delco Schools  utilize the Raptor Visitor Management System to keep our schools safe. Parents, guests, and visitors who plan to visit beyond the main office must have a visitor's ID badge generated from the Raptor system. To generate that ID, a valid state issued ID must be scanned to generate a badge that must be worn while visiting the school.

    ALL visitors must enter using ONLY the main entrance.

    Entering the building or allowing others to enter is considered illegal entry into the building. Per PA Title 18 3503(b)(iv).

    Criminal Trespassing PDSD Board Policy 907

    Any visitor on school property who has not registered at the school’s main office is considered to be trespassing. The individual will be asked to immediately return to the school’s main office to register or will be asked to leave immediately. If any visitor refuses to leave school property when asked to do so, or creates a disturbance, the principal or designee may request aid from law enforcement for removal.

    All visitors must give a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to their arrival to meet with teachers or staff.

    The administration reserves the right to approve or deny access to any visitor.