Reporting Student Progress

  • In elementary schools, a literature-based, integrated approach is used to teach literacy as well as content. Language Arts processes (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are used across the curriculum and integrated into all the content areas. Instruction is provided in math, social studies, science, spelling and handwriting. Students in grades one to five participate in these special classes each week: physical education, music, art, library, guidance, and computer lab. Additional curriculum information is provided on Back-to-School Night for each grade level.

    Report cards for students in grades 1-5 are completed at the end of each trimester. Parent/guardian conferences are held in November and March. Children’s progress toward meeting educational goals is measured in a variety of ways, including PSSA state test (grades 3, 4, & 5), quarterly reading tests, end-of-year reading tests, chapter and unit math tests, writing samples, as well as text and teacher-made assessments. In addition, writing portfolios are kept to assess ongoing progress. Progress reports will be sent home during the marking period to alert parents/guardians of problems before the report card is issued.

Elementary Trimesters