Accommodating virtual learners

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  • Academically, behaviorally, emotionally, and socially, students experience real growth when they are learning in the classroom. Our Comprehensive Plan and our Portrait Of a Graduate strategy are best executed with teachers and students together in the classroom.  While we are planning on opening for five-day, in-person learning in September, we acknowledge that some students performed well virtually or that some families may still have health and safety concerns. 

    If you are interested in Penn-Delco Cyber Academy but have not yet registered your child for the 21-22 School year, please review the information below and contact your school principle.  The initial registration for cyber closed August 29, 2021.  All requests for cyber should now go through your building principal.  


    Details concerning the program

    This program is primarily asynchronous with a live session each week with a Penn-Delco teacher. This session will support students’ progress via Zoom or other video conferencing program. *Unlike last year, there will be no live streaming into in person courses.*

    • Students in grades K-5 will be using the Educere program as their primary source of course content and asynchronous instruction.
    • Students in grades 6-12 will be using the Apex program as their primary source of course content and asynchronous instruction. 
    • Educere and Apex will provide students with a teacher for each course of asynchronous work they are enrolled in.
    • A Penn-Delco School District teacher will meet with each child weekly to support their progress. 

    Missed our previous webinar?

    Watch our brief recap of the webinar outlining Penn-Delco Cyber here. 


    If you have any additional questions please contact:

    Mr. Chris Gorniok

    Manager of Blended & Virtual Learning

    610-497-6300 x8318