Hybrid Learning

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  • The Penn-Delco School District is pleased to reopen for in-person learning four days per week by April 6 for all students. The vast majority of our students will be moving from a hybrid format that was in place for the start of the school year, to an in-person model that allows for students to be in the classroom 4 days per week with Wednesdays as a shortened virtual day.

    Some families have opted for a fully virtual remainder of the year, however there will no longer be a hybrid model unless conditions change.

  • Current classroom sizes and configurations now can accommodate full classrooms while honoring the revised guidance of spacing desks no less than three feet of physical distance between desks (as required by the PA Department of Health).  Students will be seated at lunch time six feet apart.

    Students who have opted to return to the 4-day, in-person schedule will be required to continue in that model through the remainder of the school year.  Those in virtual learning are expected to complete the school year virtually.

    If you have any questions regarding in-person vs virtual learning during the 2020-2021 school year, please contact your school principal.