• Sun Valley never takes a break from education!

    REMINDER TO STUDENTS: Any  missing work becomes zeros next week. Make sure to check gradebook and your google classpage to see if you are up to date.  

    Email Address: bbittner@pdsd.org (always the best way to reach me) Most school communication is done through email, so it is something that I frequently check.
    I specialize in United States history, and will be teaching your student in our history since WWII, or in how our society reflects and drives our popular culture now and over the past century 
    Just a reminder to keep focused. The BIG PICTURE is to make sure students do well for the entire year.  

    The Final Countdown

    Please make sure to keep on top of your assignments!!!! This is the end of the year.
    For parent information about PDSD technology you can use the page on digital citizenship: https://www.pdsd.org/Page/5867

     If there are any issues that concern you regarding your student email me at bbittner@pdsd.org and we will figure it out.  

    Your student is still using google classroom for assignments. I use those pages to communicate wth your student regarding assignments, upcoming quizzes, test, deadlines etc. If there are major tests or projects due my plan is to send out email reminders in addition to those on the google pages.
    Because of log in restrictions it is not possible to have parents join the google classroom pages. However, you can always ask your student to have a look on their laptops.  
    Student in my Contemporary US History classes also have log ins to an interactive online edition of their textbook. They will often have assignments and readings from that source. Again, we have to pay for each subscription so it is not possible to have parents get their own, but your student can show you the text and their assignments on their laptops.  
    Check this page for updates and links to relevant assignments and information