A welcome back message from Mr. Alutius

welcome back
  • September 4, 2020

    Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year!  I am thrilled to welcome you back to Northley. I am happy to work with an outstanding staff that is eager to provide an engaging and supportive virtual learning experience for your students.  The staff is also preparing for the transition back to the classrooms when that time arrives.  Until then, teachers are ready to teach and all staff are prepared to provide the support your students will need to be successful.

    Getting ready for virtual and in-person

    We have been working hard all summer to plan for a safe opening of school and to implement best practices to mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19. Our classrooms have been modified to increase social distancing, signage has been installed throughout the building to guide students, and our schedule has been modified to allow for more time to move safely through the school.  A stronger emphasis will be placed on social emotional learning as we implement weekly lessons for the well-being of our students.

    Our office staff were busy distributing Chromebooks for all students at Northley.  If you have not received your device, please call the office and they will set up a pick up time for you.  Although you may link to school from a home device, the Chromebook will be the only device supported by the district, especially when we return to the classrooms.

    6th grade webinar

    If your child is in 6th grade (or new to Northley) and missed the webinar, they can watch it now at our website.  Also watch the first day Schoology help as well. 

    Log in and schedules

    Tuesday morning, September 8th, school will begin.  Your student's schedule can be found on Skyward.  Please call the office if you are having difficulties getting your schedule. Students should log into their homeroom page in Schoology to click into homeroom or access their homeroom first day zoom or google meet links found at the website.  **Students use their personal login information for Schoology. They will not be able to submit assignments if they use a parent’s log in information. 

    The Schedule

    • Students must be logged in prior to 8:15 am. 
    • Once logged into homeroom, students will type their full name, the time they logged in and write, “I’m here.”
    • The teachers will take attendance and then provide information as to accessing Schoology, assistance reading schedules and support in other technical areas. 
    • The students will also begin the first Social Emotional Learning Activity of the week. 
    • Period 1 begins at 8:40 am. 
    • There will be three minutes between classes.  This allows time to log off, retrieve needed items and be logged in to the next class.

    Getting acquainted

    The first few days will focus on ensuring connectivity, orienting to the new format and other on-boarding situations.  These items are important for providing an excellent virtual educational experience. 

    Looking at the schedule, you will find students have been given 42 minutes for lunch this year.  This change will enable us to safely access the cafeteria and provide food for all in the lunch room and classroom when we return.  For now, we have kept the schedule the same. 

    The students will find the 42 minutes a nice break from being in front of the screen in the morning.  The day will continue after lunch, followed by the 15 minute Viking period at the end of the day.  The Viking period can be used to drop in to see a teacher to get a missing assignment, end of day check- ins with case managers and other useful opportunities.           

    When we return, this time will be used to complete a structured dismissal to ensure following safety guidelines.

    Instruction will be Synchronous this year, meaning live teaching each period.  There will be opportunities for group break out rooms, collaboration, direct instruction and individual practice.  After the first 10 days of Social Emotional Learning activities, homeroom time will be used for teacher office hours as well as PBIS activities, Choose To Be Nice support and Friday Organization Time.


    On Wednesday, students have a compacted schedule.  Homeroom is 42 minutes.  Students must be logged in by 8:00 am on Wednesday for the weekly activity.  Classes will be 15 minutes long followed by lunch and Asynchronous lesson work in the afternoon.

    School is not closed.  Learning is open.  We see this time as an opportunity for new and exciting ways to access content, work within the curriculum guides and expand upon already successful teaching methods.  There will be some technical situations--for all stakeholders.  If you are having any difficulties, reach out, we will help. 

    We look forward to the challenge 20-21 has in store for us.  The staff is ready, the administration team is ready and we know our Northley students are always ready.     

    Proud to be at Northley.  The best middle school in all of Delco. Welcome Back!


    Mr. Alutius