Penn-Delco Cyber Option

  • Please review this section or download this PDF for reference.   If you are using a mobile device, be sure to read this page and click the yellow circle with right facing arrow for all information. 

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  • While the hybrid model recommended by the District is the solution that Penn-Delco will deliver for a majority of their elementary, middle, and high school students, some families may find that a model that allows for 100% cyber learning is the choice for them.

    Penn-Delco Cyber (PDC) is a program in which learning occurs entirely from the home. In PDC, there are no in-person learning opportunities but students must meet the same learning goals and expectations expected of all students. The district requests that once enrolled in Penn-Delco Cyber, your child remain in that program at least until 12/4/2020.

Enroll today

    • If you had already signed up for Penn-Delco Cyber for each of your children in Skyward and would still like them to continue virtually, you do not need to do anything more.
    • If you signed up for PDC but have changed your mind, please follow the instructions for changing your selection in Skyward. No worries! We know this will be a common request.
    • If you have not signed up for PDC, but want any or all of your children to continue virtually, please go to your Skyward account and follow the directions for signing them up for cyber.
    • We request that all additions and/or changes to Skyward be made ASAP, or by Oct 1.

Learning from home

Elementary students K-5

  • Younger learners require intense support and attention to effectively master important elementary learning concepts. Students in our elementary Penn-Delco Cyber (PDC) program will be assigned to a new all-virtual cyber class that will offer similar grade level course content and have a teacher whose attention is dedicated to virtual instruction.

    When students return from PDC to in-person instruction they should be well-suited to the class since the coursework will be similar. Elementary cyber will include a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Students will have the opportunity to meet new friends too, as their cyber class could include grade level peers from other Penn-Delco schools, dependent upon the level of interest in this option.

Secondary Students 6-12

  • Any parent who prefers their secondary student (grades 6 - 12) continue virtual learning from home can enroll in Penn-Delco Cyber (PDC). PDC is essentially the continuation of their secondary student's virtual learning experience with their current assigned teachers on the same schedule-- 100% at home.

    They will link into their classrooms and learn synchronously with those learning on the hybrid model, as well as work asynchronously with assignments. Wednesdays continue to be exactly the same: shorter classes and afternoon asynchronous work.

Other things to remember

    • Penn-Delco Cyber is designed to serve our Penn-Delco students in a virtual learning environment as an alternative to hybrid learning.
    • Every PDC student retains their Chromebook for virtual learning.
    • Students with an IEP/GIEP or 504 Plan can be supported by PDC.
    • PDC students may continue participating in all sports/extracurriculars.
    • Students will have access to all of our supports and services while working toward their Sun Valley High School Diploma.
    • Using PDC ensures that funding stays with your district rather than go to a for-profit cyber institution.