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  • Penn-Delco prides itself on its engaged teachers, parents, and community.  During these unique times, parents must make educational decisions that best fit their personal preferences and challenges.  Penn-Delco Cyber is another option for our District parents to consider when determining the best choice for educating their children during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    While the hybrid model recommended by the District is the solution that Penn-Delco will deliver to a majority of their elementary, middle, and high school students, some families may find a model that allows for 100% cyberlearning is the choice for them.

A new Penn-Delco experience

  • Penn-Delco Cyber is a new cyber learning experience that will deliver a Penn-Delco education driven by our curriculum and taught by our teachers.  This is not the emergency pandemic learning experienced by our students in the spring or the online version that some of our students experienced with a third-party supplier.  Penn-Delco Cyber combines live virtual instruction by our dedicated and experienced staff with the instruction and support to which your student has become accustomed.  Far more robust, Penn-Delco Cyber will offer increased teacher to student engagement, digital collaboration, and measurable accountability. 

    Penn-Delco Cyber is a full-time option for students in the 2020-2021 academic year.  It will allow for an easier transition back to in-person, post-COVID learning while giving families the flexibility to leverage "transition points" at the end of a marking period to change status if desired.

    Even if the District is forced to suspend in-person instruction at some point during the year and move to 100% virtual instruction, students enrolled in Penn-Delco Cyber will continue learning with their teachers and classes.

    Read more about Penn-Delco Cyber by downloading our PDF flyer and watching our instructional video below. 

Learn more from Chris Gorniok, Manager of Blended and Virtual Learning