Celebrate the Arts in Penn-Delco

  • During the pandemic, the arts have truly suffered.  From shows on Broadway, to shows art museums and studios, to live music performances and concerts -- opportunities to enjoy music and visual arts outside of the home have disappeared.   

    Even our students at Penn-Delco who take music and art classes and create and perform art have been robbed of their opportunities to work and perform/show their work together.

    Our Penn-Delco Ten Days in May is a huge loss for our school community to share their talents and what they have learned.  Yet, our students are still learning and making art -- from home!

  • We celebrate the arts with Ten Days in May -- from HOME! 

    From May 18 - 29, we invite all of our music and art students, as well as the entire Penn-Delco community, to share their love of art and music during Ten Days in May.  Whether it is a song list, a favorite painter or photographer, a choral piece, or an instrumental performance, we want to know how art is bringing you joy and helping you feel alive during this time of quarantining at home.

    Follow us here and on social media to see how you can experience, participate, and share the arts over these ten days in May!

Join us as we close out May with the arts