For those who choose 100% virtual

  • All virtual students (except those in Penn-Delco Cyber Academy) will experience Penn-Delco curriculum taught by Penn-Delco teachers.  As of April 6, 2021, those students who choose to remain 100% virtual will remain so through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

virtual learning logo
  • Opening schools with a hybrid solution had necessitated that the Penn-Delco School District launch a virtual learning solution for our students.  With the reopening of school four days per week (with an abbreviated Wednesday virtual day), many of our students will return to the classroom by April 6, 2021.  For those families who feel safer continuing to educate their students via virtual, we will continue virtual learning. 

    Penn-Delco Virtual is the at-home learning experience that will deliver a virtual Penn-Delco education driven by our curriculum and taught by our teachers. This is not the learning experienced by our students last Spring or the online version that some of our students choose with a third-party service.


  • Penn-Delco Virtual combines the live, virtual instruction by our dedicated and experienced staff with the support your student requires. Penn-Delco virtual learning will continue to offer teacher to student engagement, virtual collaboration, and measurable accountability.  Please note, however, that with larger, in-person classrooms, the experience for your child may be different. 

    We've continued full virtual options for families to ensure that students continue to enjoy a Penn-Delco education with Penn-Delco teachers.