A great way to dive into reading: Reading Counts

  • As you are aware, your child has been participating in the Reading Counts software program in school.  This program significantly increases the number of books our students independently read and dramatically improves their reading comprehension skills.  During the school year, teachers are able to review student data and conference with students to discuss their individual progress and needs.

    Additionally, Penn-Delco is provides students the ability to access our IXL adaptive learning software. Students’ progress on this software.  Students will continue to be recognized with special prizes for participants who log a significant amount of time utilizing the software. Students are welcome to utilize school computers at our elementary and middle school libraries for IXL during the hours or at home on personal devices at any time.


  • What is Reading Counts?

  • What are the benefits of Reading Counts?

  • How does Reading Counts work?

  • Who is eligible for Reading Counts?