• Whether you enjoy academic pursuits, music, sicience, or simply social opportunities, Sun Valley High School offers an array of clubs and activities to enrich every student.  Check out your Schoology account for information regarding clubs and activities and how you can participate. 

    Every student at Sun Valley is encouraged to participate in activities. Faculty sponsors direct students involved in these activities. Membership in one or more of these organizations expresses a willingness to contribute to the betterment of the school as well as an interest in having an enjoyable experience with fellow students.

    All school‐sponsored events, including but not limited to class dances/proms, volleyball marathon, PRIDE picnic, and attendance at & participation in athletic events and activities are subject to eligibility standards which includes academics (cannot be failing 2 or more classes) and attendance (school privilege may be lost on the 6th unexcused day).

  • Anime 

    Mr. Mertens 


    Ms. Willow


    Mr. Kunz


    Mr. Morris

    Chamber Choir

    Mrs. Moyer


    Mr. Baron

    Class Committee (all grades)

    Grade 12: (Ms. Carstensen & Mr. Moletteri)

    Grade 11: (Mrs. Barr & Ms. Potter)

    Grade 10: (Ms. Lansberry & Mr. O’Brien)

    Grade 9: (Ms. Benson & Mr. Nelson)

    Debate Team 

    Mrs. Phelps & Ms. Wessel

    Delco Hi-Q 

    Mr. Kochersperger


    Mr. Mertens

    FCCLA/Vanguard Volunteers

    Mrs. Grady

    GSA (Gay, Straight, Alliance)

    Mrs. Malaczewski & Mr. Morris

    Mock Trial 

    Mr. Peleckis, Honorable Georgia Stone, Esquire & Paul J. Cianci

    National Honor Society 

    Mr. McCormick

    National Art Honor Society

    Ms. Willow

    National English Honor Society

    Ms. Soring

    National French Honor Society 

    Mrs. Varacalli

    National Math Honor Society

    Mr. Marabella

    Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society 

    Mrs. Malaczewski

    Science National Honor Society

    Mrs. Phelps & Mrs. Wiest

    National Spanish Honor Society

    Mrs. Bednar & Mrs. Diehl

    National Tri-M Honor Society

    Mrs. Moyer & Mr. Pry

    Reading Olympics 

    Ms. Lansberry & Mr. Nelson 

    Robotics & Engineering 

    Mr. Dobbins

    Science Olympiad

    Mr. Nicholas & Mrs. Wiest

    Empire Steppers (SVHS Step Team)

    Dr. James & Ms. Wessel

    Student Senate

    Mrs. Grady

    Sun Valley Spectrum 

    Mrs. Maxwell

    Ultimate Frisbee

    Mr. Baldys & Mr. McCormick

    Unified Bocce & Unified Track/Field

    Ms. Lehman & Ms. Scarcelli

    Valley Vogue

    Mrs. Bednar