A message from your Principal

Tara Young
  • Dear Parents/Guardians:

    On behalf of the entire Parkside Elementary staff, welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. We look forward to a year filled with academic and personal growth opportunities for students and staff alike.

    The Parkside Elementary curriculum and extracurricular activities are comprehensive and designed to encourage problem solving and critical thinking. The core curriculum, which includes language arts, math, science and social studies, along with visual arts, music, technology education, physical education and character education, is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners. Students at various grade levels are invited to participate in school programs such as chorus, band, Student Council, Newspaper Club, Safety Patrol, STEM Club, Math 24, and Reading Olympics. At Parkside Elementary, local and global charitable projects take place throughout the school year and serve to provide authentic life lessons in goodwill. Additional real-world learning opportunities are embedded to make certain our children have a well-rounded educational experience.

    Parental involvement and communication are foundational pieces in developing student growth and achievement. Involvement can be as simple as talking to your child daily about school, working with your child on homework or school projects, and communicating regularly with your child’s teacher. Other opportunities to become directly involved in school activities are plentiful through the Parkside PTL. Without question, when schools, families and community groups work together to support learning, children do better in school. I encourage you to reach out to myself or the PTL to find out ways that you can become more involved in our school community.

     To find out more about our school policies, procedures, and programs, please take a look at our Student/Parent Handbook. Thank you in advance for your continued support.


    Best regards,

    Tara Young


    Parkside Elementary