Health room facilities cannot provide for the care of the sick or injured child all day.  Sick or injured children need, want, and should have their parents if possible.  Working parents should be prepared to leave work to care for their children or have arrangements made for someone to care for them at home.



    Parents of children known to have severe allergic reactions to insects, foods or medications must alert the school nurse.  Written instructions, and in some cases, the necessary medication for emergency treatment, must be provided.



    The Health Office is staffed full time in all public schools to provide first aid and support to students who become ill or injured during the school day.  Parents will be notified if further medical care is needed.  It is imperative that each child’s emergency card be kept up to date at all times. 


    The following procedures will be observed in cases of serious student illness or injury in school:

                    1. Administer First Aid.

                    2. Activate 911 in emergency situations.

                    3. Notify parents




    Nurses are not licensed to make medical diagnoses.  However, students and families may benefit from the school nurse’s knowledge and expertise in assessing the health care needs of each child.  Nurses can advise whether further medical care may be needed, render first aid, and care for minor illnesses and injuries occurring during the school day.

    The school nurse cannot assume the responsibility of caring for injuries/illnesses that did not occur at school.  Parents should not expect school personnel to treat such injuries/illnesses.  Students are offered participation in the School Accident Insurance program which assists in the health care costs of private physicians and hospitals.  The school district is not responsible for physician fees or other charges connected with follow-up treatment of injuries or illnesses