In certain cases, students are permitted to carry inhalers and epi-pens with them in school. The following guidelines must be followed:

    · A district form must be completed by both the physician and the parent that states that the student may carry this medication and is capable of self administration.

    · Inhaler for Asthma: the physician must  state the name of the medication, reason for use, dosage, frequency of use and under what conditions the student should report to the nurse’s office if the inhaler is not beneficial.

    · Epi-Pen: If an Epi-Pen is administered, either by the student or by the nurse, a call will be placed to 911 immediately.

    · Students will be responsible to carry their medication with them to all off-campus school-related functions independently of the school nurse’s office.

    · The decision to allow a student to self administer medication must always include overall supervision by the school nurse with appropriate, periodic nursing evaluation of the student’s technique and self-assessment skills.