Student assistant and STST programs

  • The Student Assistance Program and the STST program are available to work with students and their families. These teams provide assistance and referral in the areas of substance abuse, emotional concerns, eating disorders, loss and other issues which may be a barrier to learning.

    The team members are teachers, nurses, counselors, psychologists and administrators who have received special training to work with, and serve as a resource, for school staff and students. These programs are interventional programs not treatment programs. Students may be referred to appropriate community resources designed to assist them and their families with areas of concern. Students may be referred to the team by themselves, staff members, parents or other concerned persons. All information is kept in strictest confidence.  You can reach out to your certified school nurse for more information.


    Emergeny and reference numbers

    AMBULANCE, FIRE,POLICE                                                     911

    AIDS Fact Line                                                                      800-662-6080

    American Red Cross                                                              215-299-4000

    Chester County Health Department (CCHD)                            610-344-6225

    ChessPenn                                                                           610-872-6131

    Child Abuse Hotline                                                               800-422-4453

    Crozer Chester Medical Center                                               610-447-2000

    Delaware County Children and Youth Svcs.                             610-713-2000

    Delaware County Council on Addiction                                    610-665-1730

    Poison Control                                                                      800-222-1222

    Riddle Memorial Hospital                                                       610-566-9400