• Penn-Delco HEAD LICE PROCEDURE– Pediculosis

    • Students suspected of having head lice will be sent to the nurse for evaluation. A thorough inspection for live lice and nits will be completed.
    • If live lice are found, the student will be sent home for treatment. If no live lice are found, the student may remain in school and the parent/guardian will be notified by phone, letter or email by the end of the school day.
    • The parent/guardian will be provided with information about inspection, removal and treatment of head lice. The school district’s informational brochure will also be included. Links to the CDC, AAP and NASN websites are available on the last page of this booklet for additional reference.
    • Students are expected to return to school immediately following the initial treatment. Wash all clothes and bed linens in hot water and dry on hot (or as hot as possible). Put un-washable items in plastic bag for 10 days or place in dryer on hot for 20 minutes. Vacuum carpets/furniture/car seats.
    • Parents are expected to remove all live lice before the student returns to school the next day. The student will be checked in the morning by the nurse before returning to class
    • A second treatment is required to be administered.   Please refer to manufacturer’s instructions: usually 7-10 days after initial treatment.


    PREVENTION and helpful tips

    • Boys and girls with long hair are encouraged to wear their hair up in a ponytail or braid.
    • Discourage sharing of headgear, combs and brushes: soak brushes, combs and barrettes in hot water for 20 minutes.
    • Parents should check their child regularly for the presence of lice and nits (eggs).
    • Do NOT use lice treatment shampoo as a prevention measure.