• Hello Parents and Guardians!      

    Your child’s school has a new and exciting tool to help your students succeed and now you can access it from HOME!


    SuccessMaker 9 is a dynamic software program that individualizes instruction based on each student’s learning level. While working in SuccessMaker, students are supported with additional instruction, helpful tools, and targeted practice. Now you can provide your child individualized learning experiences at home with SuccessMaker @ Home.



    Your child’s teacher will communicate any assignments.



    Access SuccessMaker @ Home at this web address:




    Your child will:

    ·               Log in using his/her user name and password.

    USERNAME:   Lunch Number

    PASSWORD:   Lunch Number

    ·               Select the course that the teacher has assigned. (Math or Reading)

    ·               Complete each session. It will end automatically in 15-20 minutes (typically).

    NOTE! Please allow your child to work independently as much as possible.  Ensure they are away from distractions (TV, video games, etc.) and that nobody is doing the work for them, as much as possible. SuccessMaker adjusts its tools and assistance based on your child’s answers.

    ·               Log off correctly, to ensure all student work is saved. Using the x Close symbol at the bottom of the tool bar on the left and logging out of the program completely before closing the browser window.






    Technical Requirements


    District and school technical staff may not troubleshoot issues with home computers. However, the information provided below will help you make sure that your home computer is set up to work with SuccessMaker@Home.

    The computer your child uses to access SuccessMaker should meet the following basic requirements:

    ·         Adequate Internet connection (1.5 Megabit/Second)

    ·         Speakers or stereo headphones

    ·         Laptop, Desktop, or Notebook with screen resolution of 1024 X 768

    ·         RAM – 4GB

    ·         Correct versions of Google Chrome version 45 or later, Mozilla Firefox 44 or later, Safari 7.1.8, 8.x, or 9.x and Internet Explorer 11 (or other supported browser)

    You can test your computer’s compatibility online: http://browserinfo.smhost.net/

    A complete list of technical requirements is available online: http://help.pearsoncmg.com/successmaker9/prod/resources/Content/PDFs/SuccessMaker_9_Home_User_System_Requirements.pdf


    First-Time Log In

    The first time you log in to SuccessMaker from home, it may take some time to load. You may also be prompted to update or add software if your computer does not have it installed (Java and Flash). After the first use, logging in should not take as long.



    Username/Password Problems

    If there is an issue with your students username/password, check with the students’ teacher to ensure that you/your student have the correct information.


    Student Assignment


    Access SuccessMaker at this web address: https://penndelco4842.smhost.net


    User Name







    Please complete:

    Reading                 Math      

    Tips & Support

    If SuccessMaker is running slow, taking a long time to load, or freezes:

    1.   Check the internet connection, speed, and cable(s).

    2.   Log out, and then log back in.

    3.   Restart your computer.

    4.   Check the version of JAVA using computer properties and possibly update.


    If the problem persists, please contact your child’s school to see if they can provide assistance.