• AP Chemistry Wall of Fame Mrs. Guille's AP Chemistry Wall of FameAP Chemistry Wall of Fame

    Although I have had many fabulous students take my very challenging AP Chemistry course over the years, the following students have successfully passed the College Board AP Chemistry exam:
    Douglas Hartline
    Noah Geveke
    Michael Micklo 
    Tyler Delvecchio
    Alexander Jasper
    Seamus Kelly
    Nicholas Middleton
    Robert Miles
    Adnan Ahmed
    Alexis Basciano
    Erik Flickinger
    Angela Leo
    Alexander Popov
    Diana Perez
    George Popov
    Abigail Das
    Michael Hopkins
    Devon Linn
    Artricia Nou
    Kristen O'Donnell
    Janice Park
    Casey Purfield
    Dominique Schaefer
    Emily Taylor
    Madison Gutowiecz