Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion

  • Property owners must be approved for the Homestead/Farmstead exclusion by March 1st of each year to be eligible for property tax relief.  Homestead/Farmstead exclusion forms are generated by the Delaware County Board of Assessment and sent to the district for distribution to property owners.

    • The homestead exclusion is applicable only for your primary residence or homestead where you currently reside.
    • To check the status of your Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion, please visit the Delaware County Public Access System at
    • The Delaware County Homestead Coordinator can be contacted at (610) 891-4893.  
    • Taxpayers can call the Penn-Delco Tax Office at (610) 497-6300, ext. 1304 to request information.  
    • All requests for applications will be forwarded to the Delaware County Homestead Coordinator.  
    • Please include your name, telephone number and property address.