High School Language Arts 9-12:


    As with the middle school program, the high school program continues the integration of literacy through reading, writing, speaking and listening. The curriculum establishes as its primary purpose that each student will have the opportunity to learn the forms, functions and changes in language, develop higher level thinking skills, appreciate literature as an art form, develop skills of analysis and evaluation and use technology.


    Four English credits are required for graduation.  Grade 9 is a course offering the study of various genres; Grade 10 focuses on the study of literature from around the world; Grade 11 is the study of American Literature; Grade 12 offers a focus on British Literature.  In addition to these four core courses, students are also able to select elective course in Journalism, Creative Writing, Film as Literature, Verbal SAT Preparation, Critical Reading and Windows on the World, focused on modern literature.


    The major textbook is the Holt series entitle Elements of Literature which is available to students on-line and is supplemented by a variety of novels, short stories, plays, poems and works of non-fiction.  Technology plays a large role in helping students advance both their reading and writing skills.


    In order to encourage reading year round, all students have a summer reading assignment which includes both required and choice novels.



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