Our Seven Pillars

    1. Effective Governance
      • Fiscal Responsibility
      • Public and Transparent
      • Responsive to the Community
      • Grounded in PSBA Principles for Governance and Leadership
      • Effective Advocacy
      • Accountable for Actions and Results
    2.  Ready for Life Commitments
      • All students Ready to Learn by Kindergarten
      • All students Ready to Read and Respond to Text on level by 4th grade
      • All students Ready for Algebra and Complex Thinking by 8th grade
      • All students Ready for College and Career by 12th grade
      • All students Ready for Life upon Graduation
    3. Future Focused Programs and Instruction
      • Committed to Best Practices in Teaching and Learning
      • Purposeful Use of Technology in Schools
      • Instruction that enhances future-focused skill development
      • Relevant and Rigorous Curriculum
    4.  Well-being, Belonging, and Student Interests
      • Fostering a Culture of Belonging
      • Considerate of all aspects of a child’s well-being
      • Growth-Mindset Approach to learning
      • Cognizant of the additional value of the arts, athletics, and activities
    5. Employee Support and Development
      • Competitive Compensation and Benefits
      • Exemplary Hiring and Support Practices
      • Personalized Professional Development Opportunities
      • Committed to a Culture of Professionalism
    6. Well-Maintained Facilities
      • Buildings and Grounds that build upon and reflect district pride.
      • Effective Teaching and Learning Spaces
      • Safe and Supportive Schools 
    7. Family and Community Partnerships
      • Promotes collaboration and community outreach efforts
      • Welcoming and responsive interactions with constituents

Board Pillars (PDF)

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