Choosing Courses

  • During each school year, the Sun Valley Course Selection Guide is online. This guide is intended to assist students in course selection and college, career and vocational planning. The guide contains descriptions of each course offered and other information related to the academic program. 

    Student Schedules 

    At the time of course selection for the subsequent school year, students make very careful selection of courses in cooperation with parents, teachers, and counselors. Ninth and tenth grade students will be scheduled for seven credits, eleventh grade students will be scheduled for six and a half, and seniors must have at least six credits scheduled. 

    If a student discovers an error or omission in the student’s schedule when they are released in August, the student should complete the schedule change form. An administrator or a counselor will make all schedule changes or corrections during the add/drop period. There is no guarantee that all schedule change requests will be honored. Changes are dictated by availability and seat capacity.


    Parents and students are urged to give serious consideration to program planning for the following year. Once course scheduling has been completed, changes may only be permitted on the basis of counselor recommendation and will require final administrative approval. 

Course Changes

  • Students are permitted to change their schedule during the “drop/add” period (see the School Counselors for specific dates). Students will need to complete a Course Change form to make this request.Changes that will be considered include: missing a REQUIRED class (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, Careers, PE); previously taken a class; **drop an elective and add a study hall; level changes (see below for details).

    ** Only available for 11th and 12th grade students. 9th and 10th grade students are expected to take 7 credits, 11th grade 6.5, and 12th grade MUST take a minimum of 6.0 credits to maintain full time student status.

    Schedule changes that will not be considered include: requests to change teachers, requests to change lunch periods, requests to be in class with friends.

    *** Please note: Schedule change requests are REQUESTS. There is NO GUARANTEE that your request is able to be fulfilled. Changes are dictated by availability and seat capacity. Submit only one request form per student.


    If students want to change the level of a course (from AP to Honors or Accelerated to Honors etc.) the course override form must be completed (see your school counselor). Parent and SV administration must approve of the level change. Override form requests are final once approved by administration. Any withdrawal from a course beyond the drop/add period will result in a ‘W’ or ‘WF’ grade to be placed on the transcript. A student who is passing a class, but is choosing to withdraw from the class with parent approval will receive a “W” on their transcript to indicate the withdrawal. A ‘W’ will not be calculated against a student’s GPA. A student who is failing a class and choosing to withdraw from the class with parent approval will receive a ‘WF’ to be calculated in the student’s GPA as an ‘F’ and no credit will be awarded.