Earned Income Tax (EIT) Delinquent Tax Notice

  • Earned income tax (EIT) is normally collected through employees' payroll taxes for residents of Penn-Delco School District.  Keystone Collections Group recently issued Delinquent Earned Income Tax Notices for the PDSD taxing jurisdiction.  Taxpayers also received an attached insert in an effort to answer the most commonly asked questions.  Although Keystone's notice clearly states those receiving the Delinquent Notice should contact Keystone directly, it has been our experience that sometimes individuals will contact the Penn-Delco Tax Office. 

    Penn-Delco School District Tax Office does not have any taxpayer's information regarding earned income tax.  Keystone's professional taxpayer service agents are well equipped to assist taxpayers with EIT.  Calls should go directly to Keysone Collections at their toll-free number: 1-866-539-1100.