• High school students are expected to arrive on time and be ready to learn. Students are permitted to begin entering the building at 7:05am and first period begins promptly at 7:30am each day unless otherwise noted.  Students can not enter the building freely starting at 7:30am and will be required to enter through the main office. Scheduled early dismissals are at 10:15am.  

    Most students use Penn-Delco transportation to attend our schools.  Penn-Delco provides bus transportation for all students who live in the district.  You can find your bus schedules as well as safety and other travel information at pdsd.org/transportation.


  • 1. Parking permits may be offered at a fee of $25.00, first to seniors, then juniors (if spaces remain available). Student parking is a privilege that is offered to students who are in good standing in academics, discipline, and attendance. This privilege may be revoked by school administration if students are failing to meet school wide expectations regarding attendance, academic eligibility, and discipline.

    2. Students are responsible for all paperwork. No student will receive a parking permit if his/her paperwork is incomplete for any reason. 

    3. All vehicles must be registered and must display a valid parking hang tag for the current school year at all times. Cars not registered with the school and not displaying a valid parking hang tag are subject to ticketing at the owner’s expense. In the event that the registered car changes, please update your information in the main office. If you do lose your parking hang tag, the student must meet with an administrator. 

    4. If you choose not to park on school property anymore, please notify the main office. 

    5. All students may only park in their assigned numbered spot. If cars are parked in other spots, the student may lose his/her parking privileges. 

    6. The speed limit on school property is 5 MPH. The speed limit will be strictly enforced. 

    7. Loss of driving privileges may result from a student not adhering to the SVHS code of conduct. 

    8. Students will not be permitted to go to their cars during the school day. Only the principal or designee may grant permission. 

    9. Driving practices considered to be reckless, unsafe, or discourteous may result in the loss of driving privileges. THERE WILL BE NO WARNINGS. In addition, violations of local and state laws will be reported to the Aston Police Department. 

    10. Student drivers are not permitted to drive through the Northley MS/Administration parking lot as a means to access Concord Road. Students found in violation of this directive risk the loss of their on-campus parking privilege for a period of time. 

    11. Parking fees shall not be reimbursed for those students who lose their parking privileges as a result of this infraction.

    12. In the event of a school emergency or evacuation, students are not permitted to leave school in their vehicle, unless given consent by SV administration.

    13. The Penn-Delco School District is not responsible or liable for damages, theft, etc., to automobiles parked in the Sun Valley Parking Lot. 

    14. There may be times when parking in the parking lot is not allowed due to special school events or snow. When such events occur, an announcement will be made in school and on the Penn-Delco website. On such occasions, students that normally drive will have to make other arrangements or use Penn-Delco School District transportation. 

    15. If reasonable suspicion exists that any contraband, such as weapons, drugs, or alcohol is in a vehicle on school district property, an administrative search will be conducted. 

    16. The Sun Valley High School parking lot is subject to periodic searches by a certified drug dog throughout the school year.