Keeping your child safe

  • Cafeteria status

    Cafeterias are up and running with proper safeguards in place.  Here is what you can expect:

    • Pre-Packaged meals – All meals are prepacked and ready to grab and go
    • Individually wrapped utensils
    • Plexiglass barriers between cafeteria staff and students
    • Touchless checkout
    • Six foot spacing between all seating in the Cafeteria
    • Added lunch periods and alternate locations

    Pre-Packaged Meals

    Food will be served in an encapsulated container or wrapped, placed in Grab and Go Bag if needed.  All utensils available will be individually wrapped.  Menus by school are available are at the Nutrislice website.

    Plexiglass barriers

    Plexiglass barriers are in place at the food pickup lines and in place between the cashier and students. 

    Touchless checkout

    Payment for lunches is linked to each student’s My School Bucks account.  This year, each student will be provided with a lanyard and ID card with a unique barcode for your student’s lunch account.  This card can be scanned with a freestanding barcode reader at the lunch cashier stand.  This provides a touchless option eliminating the need for your student to type their identification number into the pinpad.

    Cash and checks will be accepted in the lunch line, but change will not be issued to further minimize any contact.  All cash received will be added to the student lunch account.

    Six Foot Spacing

    All seating for students in the cafeteria is placed six feet apart and facing the same direction.  Proper spacing is actively observed by lunch aides and monitors.

    Added lunch periods alternate locations

    Schools may utilize alternate locations and additional lunch periods for dining as determined by the building principals.  Alternate locations vary by building but may include outdoors (weather permitting) and utilizing classrooms to manage capacity.