Get acquainted with Schoology

  • As our secondary students return to in-person learning, they should continue to track and submit work and communicate with their teachers through their personal Schoology accounts.  For elementary students, teachers will use Schoology to communicate and share.  Here are some great informational videos and tutorials to help you.  See the Frequently Asked Schoology Questions here as well. 

    Did you know you can download the Schoology app for your mobile device?  Go to your normal app store and download Schoology to track your student progress via your phone or tablet too. 

For parent accounts

For student accounts

More about Schoology

  • If you log into you parent account and do not see your child's account please contact and we can quickly make an adjustment. There are no codes you will need. To ensure privacy, the district will link parent to student accounts.

    If you have challenges with Schoology performance, please go to the Schoology dashboard at first to check if the issue is with the Schoology platform itself.  Often they make recommendations for improving access or connectivity or offer information about interruptions.  If there is a systemwide issue that will affect Schoology for a considerable amount of time, the district will notify families.

  • Schoology brings together the best K-12 learning management system with assessment management to improve student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning.  Schoology is Penn-Delco's resource for teachers, parents, club leaders, coaches, and students to communicate and track.  See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

    A one stop shop 

    Sun Valley High School and Northley Middle School parents can view students' grades, assignments, and important information the teacher would like to share as an update.  Clubs, extra-curricular activities, and sports teams will also enjoy the benefits of schoology to communicate.  Final grades, attendance and personal information is housed in Skyward. 

    A communication tool for elementary teachers

    At the elementary level, this tool will be used exclusively for communication only. Your elementary teacher will provide updates about important information as well as post items similar to what was previously found on their webpages.  Grades and report cards will be housed in Skyward for elementary students.

    Easy for parents with multiple students

    With a single account parents can view all the courses and groups their children participate in as well as any important information the teacher, coach, or club leader would like to share.