What you need to know

  • Curriculum

  • The Kindergarten Reporting System

  • Kindergarten Readiness

What can you do for a GREAT beginning

  • As a parent or guardian you make an enormous difference in how much and how well your child learns. You are your child’s most important teacher and valuable partner of your child’s teachers in school. When working with your child, remember not to push too hard. It takes time and maturity to master pre-reading skills and easier activities have to be mastered first. Let our child help you set the pace. 

    The following section presents areas of readiness which need careful development in order that your child be ready to take on the complex task of learning to read. Most of these will be practiced in kindergarten, but you may want to help your child with some additional practice.

  • Cultivate your child’s power of close observation – Visual Discrimination

  • Cultivate your child’s power to listen carefully – Auditory Discrimination

  • Cultivate your child’s ability to recall what he/she has seen – Visual Memory

  • Cultivate your child’s ability to remember what he/she has heard – Auditory Memory

  • Build up your child’s resources of information – Background of Experience

  • Develop your child’s ability to express him/herself through Language

  • Encourage your child to develop his Motor Skills

  • Develop your child’s Sense of Responsibility

  • It is important that your child get satisfaction from working with you. Praise his/her efforts. Show him/her that you are pleased when he/she is successful. Encourage him/her when he/she is unsuccessful and make suggestions for improvement. Remember to be patient. Each child matures at his/her own rate.