A letter from your Director

  • April 8, 2020

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Let me begin by saying how much we miss all of our students. We are concerned for our students’ health and well-being, as well as their families. Although none of us have experienced a pandemic before, the PDSD families of students, parents, educators, and all other stakeholders have quickly risen to the occasion, as usual! We would like to thank everyone for your kindness and support.

    As you know, the Penn-Delco School District motto is #Penn-Delco Proud.  We should be proud of how our community has come together as a supportive team. The next few weeks will not be easy. There will be mistakes, problems, and concerns along the way. However, there will be more successes, happiness, hope, laughter, fun, and purpose! Our current situation is not forever.  We understand many of you are still working and have several children to help, financial concerns, health issues, etc.  We are here to patiently support our students and you throughout this challenging time.  

    Please do not stress over the schoolwork via distance learning or printed packets. Frustrations are high due to our circumstances and we don’t want to increase the stress on our families. We are going to do our best to provide as much support as we possibly can, to keep our students' minds moving forward. But you are the parents and they are with you, so you have control to adjust as needed for your child/children.  Again, contact your teacher’s or special education administrators via email, if you need help. We also ask for your patience and understanding as we travel this new territory. Our teachers and other employees are working to keep things going in what has become our “new normal”.

    On another note, there are many questions about how extended school closures will affect school life like grades, support services, and so much more. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) will evaluate policies and procedures and will make recommendations to guide us through the remainder of this school year.  We will keep you updated as these questions are answered. 

    Students who receive specialized services such as health plans, 504 service agreements, and Individual Education Plans (IEP) will continue to receive specialized support during the closure period. Case managers will be in contact with families to share how your child’s service will continue during this time.  Although services will be adjusted in light of the current circumstances, our team will be available to answer questions, provide support, conduct consultations and continue to provide quality educational services to all. 

    Students receiving support services through an IEP will receive a Penn-Delco School District COVID-19 Interim Individualized Emergency Special Education Plan (COVID-19 IIESEP).  The plan will outline the continuity of services your child will receive during the school closure period only.  Case managers are working diligently to complete all IIESEP plans in a timely manner.  You will receive the individual plan and a letter of explanation during the week of April 13, 2020.  Please continue to keep the lines of communication open and stay healthy and safe.
    Special Education & Pupil Services Administrative Team
    Director of Special Education & Pupil Services, Regina McClure – rmcclure@pdsd.org
    Supervisor of Special Education, Amy Bell – abell@pdsd.org
    Supervisor of Special Education, Michael McCormick – mmccormick@pdsd.org

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