The National School Lunch Program

  • The district will continue to participate in the National School Lunch Program. Students in attendance at school will have the opportunity to purchase lunch or receive lunch under the free or reduced plans, while qualifying fully virtual students may access meal distribution once a week every Wednesday for the following week.

    Civil Rights Complaint Procedures

    A parent or student of the district that believes that they have been discriminated against with respect to their participation in the National School Lunch Program may file a complaint via one of the following options.
    • By calling Andrew Kaiser at 610-497-6300 x1302to review your complaint and provide the basis for the complaint.
    • By email to Please provide the basis for the complaint and the specific issues that are in question. Also, provide contact information for the parent so the district may follow up with the complaint.
    • Follow the instructions on the And Justice for All poster hanging at your child’s school cafeteria.

    All complaints that are filed with the district will be documented and include the elements of the complaint.  All allegations received must be transcribed by the person receiving the complaint.  All information will be provided by the complainant. 

    All complaints received by the district will be reviewed by the SFA Director of Finance with the district solicitor.  The information will be sent to an outside agency including the USDA and the PA Department of Education, Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management, Division of Food and Nutrition.