Welcome to the Penn-Delco News Squad

  • There are stories to tell.  And the Penn-Delco Communications Department would like to tell as many as possible.  With six schools and an entire district of students, faculty, and parents contributing to the growth and achievement of our community, there are too many opportunities lost to share those stories.

    squad The Penn-Delco News Squad is a student-driven content club comprised of high school students in the 10th - 12th grades who work with the Communications Department to cover and report stories at the high school.  Using their cell phones (or cameras) and writing skills, they capture happenings with photos, video, and articles.  

    Led by the District Communications Coodinator, students are assigned "beats" to cover sports, the arts, technology, news, and human interest stories that document the daily accomplishments of their Sun Valley community.  Periodically, students will cover news in other schools in the District.

    Coverage will be featured on the Sun Valley and Penn-Delco websites and will include a bi-line as well as the Penn-Delco News Squard logo.  Often stories will be promoted with links on social media.

    Students in the 10th - 12th grades who may be interested in communications, photography, film, writing, and/or journalism are invited to participate in the club.  Communication and content sharing will occur on the Schoology platform and meetings will be at a maximum bi-monthly.  There are opportunities to participate in the club through the summer months as well.

    The first meeting of the Penn-Delco News Squad is on Thursday, February 6 at 2:30-3:00pm in the Sun Valley MIC.  Everyone interested in grades 10- 12  is invited to attend and learn more.

    For more information, contact Lisa Palmarini at lpalmarini@pdsd.org.