Immediate help in a crisis

  • If you or someone else needs immediate help with a mental health or substance abuse issue, the Crisis Connections team can help. They are a mobile crisis team that will travel to anywhere in Delaware County, whether it's a home, school, police station, emergency room, or other community setting. Their services are FREE of charge to all children and adults residing in Delaware County and can be called anytime day or night.

    The trained crisis team will assess the situation and work to understand the immediate crisis and causes. Also, they'll use brief, therapeutic interventions to stabilize the situation and to help you or those affected to regain control. Lastly, if needed, they'll take steps to get immediate help. This could include a referral to an outpatient follow up, to a residential inpatient alternative, or to an inpatient psychiatric facility.

    The mobile crisis teams are culturally diverse and are available to help people of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

    If you need immediate help, call:
    Delaware County Crisis Connections Teams at 1-855-889-7827

    Use this link to view the Crisis Connections flyer.

    PA Department of Human Services Crisis Line
    Text 'PA' to 741741
    FREE Confidential 24/7


    Telehealth Help Line

     To provide Emotional Support to the Delaware County community we have opened a Telehealth Helpline which will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Individuals working or living in Delaware County can use this resource by calling 855-464- 9342 to speak to a Certified Peer Specialist or Mental Health Professional. The call is confidential and may be anonymous if the caller prefers. Developed and funded by Delaware County Council and the Delaware County Department of Human Services.