Together we create a great environment to learn

  • We believe that setting high standards for our students develops responsibility, leads to proper behavior, and promotes good citizenship. Every part of the school family plays a role in guiding the students towards self-discipline.

  • The principal is expected to

  • Teachers are expected to

  • Support staff are expected to

  • Parents/guardians are expected to


  • Consequences for disciplinary infractions will be administered. The type of consequences will depend upon the severity or recurrence of the behavior.
    Consequences could include: a time-out, the removal from school privileges such as recesses, assemblies or field trips, detentions, a parent conference, and/or in or out of school suspensions.

    Pennsylvania State Law and school board policies prohibit students from possessing or using weapons or drugs on school property. These serious infractions will be handled according to the School District policy.

Recognition programs

  • Good behavior will be acknowledged in the classroom and through various recognition programs throughout the school year.