• Regular attendance at school is an important part of every student’s success and is necessary in order to gain the greatest benefit from the educational experience. Students who are frequently absent from school miss direct instruction and regular contact with their teachers. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania law and School Board policy require regular daily attendance. When absences accumulate, it may ultimately result in academic difficulty.

    Absences not recorded by the SchoolMessenger SafeArrival System during the specified timeframe shall be treated as unlawful until the school receives a written excuse explaining the absence. Parents and guardians have 5 days after an absence to submit a written note. A maximum of 10 cumulative, lawful absences shall be permitted during the school year. Requests for excusal of absences after 10 lawful absences require a written physician’s note.

    An unlawful absence shall be defined as an event in which a student is absent without a valid, acceptable physician’s note after the 10 lawful days policy. A student is considered habitually truant when he or she accumulates 6 or more unlawful absences.

    A letter will be sent home if a child accumulates 3 or more unlawful absences documenting truancy. If a child accumulates 6 or more unlawful absences, the school will be required Student Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP). Continuous absences will include a citation/referral for truancy court.

    Please refer to Penn-Delco’s Attendance Policy 204
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