We are here for your child while at school

  • Please note:  Health and Safety information related to COVID-19 is at pdsd.org/covid.  

    We take your child's health and safety seriously.  Our certified school nurses are trained to ensure your child has the support he or she needs when ill or needs to go home for the day.  Health room facilities cannot provide for the care of the sick or injured child all day.  Sick or injured children need, want, and should have their parents or a family member if possible.  Working parents should be prepared to leave work to care for their children or have arrangements made for someone to care for them at home.

    Please review the following procedures, as well as the health requirement section,  so that we can best serve your child while at school.  

  • When to keep your child home

  • Transportation of an ill or injured student

  • First aid procedure

  • Allergic Reactions

  • Seizures

  • Head lice (pediculosis) procedure

  • Crutches, wheelchair and elevator use

  • Legal implication of injury and illness