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Click here to access Pinnacle Internet Viewer
Pinnacle Internet Viewer is available for parents and students grades 4-12 ...

Track your child's test, homework and assignment grades, on a regular basis.
Your child's electronic gradebook can be accessed through a log-in, which is your child's school I.D. number with the leading zero--e.g., 012345. The password will be his or her birthday in eight-digit form--e.g., 04011988. This information will be secure and private and available only to you and your family.
- To access your child's grade, please visit the secure site via the link on the Penn Delco Web page or by entering in the address bar of your web browser. You will see a security notification. Click "OK." Ignore the warning notice.

- Enter your child's school I.D. number and eight-digit birthdate. (Call the school office if you do not know the I.D. number, but it is on your child's school schedule and he or she should know it as I.D. numbers are used frequently at school).

Please keep in mind that grades are updated each week by Wednesday afternoon for compliance with PIAA requirements for secondary students. Your child's teachers will not have all new grades instantly available for you to view, and in some cases, grading work such as essays can take a week or more. Please be patient. Please also understand that some teachers grade certain assignments more heavily than others, and there are different ways to note missing assignments, such as with an X for "exempt", a zero or even a "Z." All questions and concerns about your child's grades should be directed to his or her teachers.
Weekly e-mail reports
Parents can also sign up for weekly e-mail reports for their child’s grades. Once logged into the Internet Viewer, you will have the option to complete a brief on-line form.  The link will be on the left side of your screen.
Contact Information
If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this system, please call Jill Summers, Software Specialist, at 610-497-6300, ext. 8319 or e-mail her at