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High School

Final Exam will be Thursday June 16, 2016 during the first block.  You can do this!!!! 
Current Chapter Classwork/Homework:
 Era Overview: the Cold War
6/7/16: Conflicts Tweets 
6/6/16:  please complete preview; sections 2 and 3 reading note in the next three pages of your notebook or in a word document and email to me
6/3/16:  news story assignment slips
6/2/16: Mandela Collins II
6/1/16: Chapter 27 Collins II 
5/26/16: continue progress on 3rd world activities; presentations will be Tuesday May 31st 
5/24/16: Cold War Essay due Friday 5/27/16 
5/17/16: review key content terms 
Forces of Independence and Revolution
5/11/16: complete reading notes for China 
5/10/16: complete reading notes for India 
5/9/16: review key content terms and venn diagram  
World War II
5/2/16: review gallery walk notes 
4/29/16: gallery walk Monday 5/2/16 
4/25/16: email answer..."How do your additional artifacts show the complexity of World War II?" Step 3 completed by start of class Wednesday 4/27/16; step 4 completed by end of class Friday 4/29/16 
4/22/16: work on plan to assemble timeline 
4/21/16: step 3 ready to be checked 
4/20/16: step 3 work progress
4/19/16: Works Cited Document started (to be completed at you work through research, do not forget to record this information) 
4/18/16: Continue working on Step 3 of project 
4/17/16: Step 2 of project due by the end of class tomorrow
4/12/16:  review key content terms; complete the first step in the reading notes for section 1 (write a one sentence summary of each subsection of section 1)
Rise of Fascism Totalitarian States 
4/11/16: there will be a quiz on Chapter 23 tomorrow 4/12/16 
4/8/16: be sure to review for upcoming quiz; articles due 4/12/16
4/7/16: rough draft of articles (see processing on notebook guide
4/4/16: reading reading notes for 23 
3/30/16: review section 1 content 
3/29/16: review key content terms and section 1
World War I 
3/14-17/16: continue work on Age of Turmoil group projects; completed projects and presentations due 3/18 
3/10/16:  complete processing for chapter 19 
3/8/16: 19.4 reading notes 
3/7/16: complete reading notes for 19.3 on page 113 of your notebook 
3/4/16: review chapter 19 key content terms
Global Crisis
3/2/16: completed final copy of essay due 3/4/16
3/1/16: have your rough draft proofread; begin final copy of processing essay, final copy due 3/4/16 
2/29/16: complete rough draft 
2/26/16: complete graphic organizer
2/25/16: complete first two paragraphs of graphic organizer; Processing and Collins IIII  
2/24/16: complete any remaining challenge cards; review key content terms for quiz tomorrow
2/23/16: History Lab: Challenge Card Placards; History Lab Challenge Cards; review key content terms for a quiz on Thursday 
2/22/16: review key content terms 
2/18/16: reading challenge, review for test tomorrow  
2/17/16: continue working on picture essay 
2/16/16: continue working on processing activity, due by 2:15 on 2/18/16 
2/11/16: complete reading notes for 17.6 on page 98 of your notebook 
2/10/16: review your completed matrix for 17.5 and be prepared to discuss on Monday 
2/9/16: review your completed matrix for 17.4 and be prepared to discuss in the next class 
2/8/16: review the 17.3 matrix and be prepared to discuss in the next class
2/5/16: review  17.2 objectives and visual aid chart 
2/4/16: review key content animation explanations and 17.1
2/2/16: review class activity vs historical event chart from today's activity 
Industrial Revolution
1/28/16:  Collins III (processing article) final copy is due tomorrow; be sure you have completed the Chapter 16 Reading Challenge on the textbook website
1/27/15: Collins III (processing article) final copy is due Friday; review for upcoming Industrial Revolution Test
1/26/16: review placard information; complete at at least 5 sentences for newspaper article
1/14/16: continue reviewing for midterm; be sure to bring any questions to class for discussion and clarification 
1/13/16: be prepared to discuss the content of the 16.3 chart in next class; continue reviewing for midterm 
1/12/16; review for midterm using study guide 
1/11/16: review for midterm using midterm review guide distributed on 1/7/16 and be prepared to discuss any questions or needs for further clarification; review industrial revolution key content terms
An Age of Global Revolutions 
1/8/16: midterm study guide 
1/7/16: mock twitter account due by midnight tonight! Begin review midterm review guide and preparing questions for class review time 
1/6/16: continue working on content for mock twitter account 
1/5/16: work on mock twitter page for revolutionary period leader; completed page due by 1/7/15 via email at  
1/4/16: review reading notes from 15.2-15.5; if you were absent before break be sure to email me your World Holiday Essay ASAP! 
12/23/15: email World Holiday essay!!!! 
12/22/15: Holiday Essay and Chart completed by end of class 12/23/15 
12/21/15: Holidays Chart
12/18/15: complete French Revolution Collins II
12/17/15: review 15.1 and 15.2 
12/15/15: read 15.2 and complete reading notes (directions on Notebook Guide above)on page 69 of notebook; be sure you have emailed the America Revolution Quotation and Viewing Guide 
12/14/15: read 15.1 in text 
12/11/15:  American Revolution Quotation and Viewing Guide; read pages 198-top of 202 in textbook or sections 15.2 in online textbook and be prepared to discuss main ideas in next class
12/10/15: edit processing essay; final copy due Monday December 10, 2015 
12/9/15: work on Processing Essay 
12/8/15: review notes and information from lab activity; Collins II question for the bottom of page 67 in notebook: Name and briefly describe one force that drove revolutions in the 1700’s, 1800’s, or 1900’s.  (based on your history lab findings); Challenge Card questions for History Lab
12/7/15: Guidance presentation; if you were absent you should set up a time to meet with guidance to review Naviance and career survey; there is a quiz on the Chapter 14 Key Content terms on Tuesday 12/8/15
12/3/15: review key content terms; there will be a quiz on Chapter 14 key content terms on Tuesday 12/8/15 (10 points); complete Collins II: 20 line story (about any topic) correctly using the key content terms from today's class (also found on the Chapter 14 Notebook Guide)
12/2/15: review preview activity and essential questions notes 
Moving Toward a Global Economy 
11/30/15: study for test tomorrow.  
11/24/15: prepare for test review, bring any questions to test review
11/23/15: complete processing  
11/20/15; Brochure project due Monday 11/23/15 
11/19/15: continue working on brochure project 
11/18/15:Trade Project Directions and Rubric and Links; Completed trade project will be due Monday 11/23/15
11/17/15: read chapter 13 section 5 
11/16/15 complete homework questions from class in notebook
11/13/15: complete Brochure; brochures due Monday 11/16/15
11/12/15: complete explorer profile
11/11/15: continue work on Brochure 
11/10/15: using the Brochure directions found on Google classroom complete at least two required pieces of information for your brochure.  Complete Brochures are due Monday 11/13/15   
11/9/15: use the notebook guide for chapter 13 to complete Chapter 13 Section 2 reading notes on page 33 of your notebook
Transformation of Europe and Moving Toward a Global Economy
 Test on the Transformation of Europe (Chapters 12) will be Friday November 6, 2015
11/5/15: TEST TOMORROW on chapter 12 "The Transformation of Europe" 
11/2/15: read "The Enlightenment" section in textbook- Chapter 12 Section 5
10/30/15: finish timeline due Monday; review Scientific Revolution notes
10/29/15: read textbook section on Scientific Revolution and take notes; Renaissance Art Work Writing assignment due 
10/27/15: Renaissance Art Work Writing Project final copy due  Friday October 30, 2015
10/26/15: complete rough draft of Renaissance art work writing project, up to paragraph three.
10/23/15: review notes for next class 
10/22/15: review up to question 11 from today's presentation; bring any remaining questions to class discussion in next class
10/21/15: Brainstorm: one topic you would like to research or learn more about from the Renaissance topics we have discussed thus far 10/20/15: begin profile and complete notebook guide questions 
10/19/15: Complete Renaissance Chart (on google classroom) 
10/16/15: read Chapter 12 Section 2 and outline 
Expanding Empires 
10/15/15 Empire Autopsy Project due
10/12/15 Continue working on Empire Autopsy
10/8/15: Complete Expanding Empire Chart (the one we have been working with throughout the unit) and finalize all Empire Timelines 
10/7/15: Finish 11.5 Haiku for Tokugawa Dynasty
10/6/15: complete timeline for Ming and Qing Dynasty  
10/5/15Complete outline of  Ottoman Empire and Mughal Indian empire in Chapter 11 on Google docs.  Use the format we used for Chapter 10 Section 2.Finish Outline from Ottoman and Mughal
10/2/15: read sections 11.3 on Mughal India and fill in appropriate chart sections 
10/1/15: outline 11.1 and 11.2 be prepared to discuss in next class
9/30/15 finish 10.2 outline
9/28/15: read 10.1 and be prepared to discuss 
Introduction/Belief Systems Unit 
9/24/15: Essays due Monday September 28th, rubric and directions on google classroom 
9/22/15: complete chart sections for the belief systems presented in class today (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism) 
9/21/15: project presentations tomorrow! must be emailed to Mr. Smith by the end of 3rd period 
9/18/15: all research completed for presentations, be prepared to finalize presentation products in next class
9/17/15: World Belief System Checklist; continue work on belief system project.  Presentations will be Tuesday 9/22/15 
9/16/15: gather one new piece of information for your group research assignment to discuss with group in next class
9/15/15: complete world belief system chart 
9/14/15: World Belief Systems ; using the chapter 3 in the textbook complete the chart 
9/11/15: no class due to evacuation drill; see 9/10/15 assignments 
9/10/15: What is History Response Comparative Essay is due Monday September 14th, use the following link for What is History Response Directions;  Interpreting Cultures Article 
9/9/15: review Historiography article handed out in class and create definitions for the 9 ideas of how great historians "did" history on the right side of the article. Be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow. Please have textbook covered by Monday September 14th. 
9/8/15: please have a notebook and folder for class on Monday September 14th