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Name: Kevin Murphy
Email Address:
Phone number:  (610) 497-6300 x2174

Here you will find my contact information and a few key links.  For much more in-depth info and resources about the Personal Finance, Business & Personal Law, Marketing & Sales and Information Systems (formerly Computer Applications I) courses, visit the My Big Campus Site links to the right.  On that site, I have descriptions for each course I'm teaching along with all assignments, daily agendas, project due dates, test and quiz dates, along with other resources for each course.
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All assignments and associated work for all of my classes will be posted on My Big Campus here:


For parent log-in information for My Big Campus see the following PDSD page on digital citizenship:  This page also explains how you can access your child's My Big Campus site(s) to follow along with the course.

Mr. Murphy with SB Champion NY Giants Players