Sun Valley

High School

Mr Moore
Social Studies Department:
   World History 10th Grade
   Terror, Human Rights, and Human Security 11th and 12th Grades
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I have been teaching at Sun Valley for the last eleven years. Previously, I taught in West Philadelphia and worked for the Department of Defense.

"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon." Napoleon Bonaparte
 World History


  • Foundations of History
    • Themes of the World
    • World Religions
    • Geography
  • First Global Age (1400AD -1800AD)
    • Cultural Changes
    • Exploration
    • Begginning of Global Economy
  • Revolutions and Reform
    • Political Revolutions
    • The 3 –isms (Industrialism, Nationalism, Imperialism)
  • Global Conflict and Achievement (1900AD -1945AD)
    • World War I
    • Russian Revolution
    • Fall of the Ottoman Empire
    • Rise of Fascism and Totalitarian states
    • World War II
    • Independence movements
  • Cold War and Beyond
    • Foundations of the Cold War
    • Chinese Communism
    • Cold War conflicts
    • End of Cold War
  • Conflict and Struggles
    • Nonaligned nations become 3rd world countries
    • Conflict in Latin America
    • Indochina
    • Africa
    • Independence movements towards Democracy
    • Middle East
  • Contemporary Global Issues
    • Demographic changes
    • Managing Natural Resources
    • Patterns of Global Economic Interaction
    • Conflict/ Cooperation/ Security
Terrorism, Human Rights, and Human Security

I.                   Defining Utopia and Terror

The Enlightenment and Ideas of Revolution

The Legacy of Revolutions


II.                Marxism/Anarchists and Assassins/Imperialism/Ethnic Issues

WWI/Total War

Revolution in Russia/Bolsheviks

War’s Aftermath

III.              Stalin/Communism/Soviet Society

IV.             Fascism



V.                WWII and the Holocaust

Genocide and Master Plans

VI.             The Cold War

A.    Asia



Cambodia/Pol Pot

B.    Europe


East Germany


Collapse of USSR/Perestroika and glasnost

VII.           The Role of Religion

The Balkan Crisis

Iraq/Saddam Hussein

Radical Islam

The Arab Spring

VIII.        The Future of Terror