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AP Psychology & Intro to Psychology Class Resource Page


Materials for 2015-2016 school year:

AP Psychology
  • college ruled COMPOSITION notebook for vocabulary/terms. This book MUST be composition. Your terms will be due every test day and they must be in this notebook. No spiral notebooks, loose paper, note cards, tablets, etc... will be accepted.  In the past one college ruled composition book has been enough for the entire course. It is up to you if you would like to purchase one for each semester of study. 
  • FOUR FOLDERS WITH CENTER CLASPS (or FOUR 1" binders) to be used for each of the four quarters of study. You must bring your folder/binder to class each day. If you elected to purchase folders rather than binders, make sure the folder can hold 80-100 pages and 2 dividers. Most 1' binder hold about 175 pages.You will receive important handouts that must be kept in the binder (if you lose the handout, you must print a replacement from the class website & place in your binder). Binders/Folders are checked for a grade at the end of each quarter. 
  • DIVIDERS. You will have a section for 1)Class Starter  2)Handouts/Notes  3)FRQ/Writing  
  • Of course you will need a blue or black pen to write with (no vocab/terms or writing will be accepted in any color other than blue or black ink as per college board). It might be helpful to get a different color pen to highlight important information in your notes and/or a stack of post-its to add important information.
General Psychology