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Welcome to Mrs. Mal's AP Psych. & General Psych. Webpage!


1. 1st & 7th Period: Complete your terms up to an including #8. Consult your list or click here to access our Unit 14 Notebook Guide. Use a class text or use this site link:
 2. 7th Period Only: Use this link to watch the 10 minute video:  On a separate piece of paper to TURN IN TO THE GUEST TEACHER AT THE END OF THE PERIOD, the answer to this question based on the film: Explain how the film demonstrates the Fundamental Attribution Error (term #2). Make an attempt at answering this or no credit. 

1. Complete reading any experiments that you did not complete yesterday. They are posted on the bulletin board and there are 4 on the chalkboard by my desk. Please return them when done for the other AP classes. You should then come to a consensus with your group as to which are the FIVE WORST experiments - At the bottom of your sheet, rank order your group's 5 worst with #1 being the Super-Duper Worst. This list may or may not reflect your 5 W's that you marked individually. Then decide on 5 that the group feels weren't so bad and list these on your sheet as well. 

 Everyone should turn in their own completed sheet to our guest teacher
2. DAILY JOURNAL: You need 11 minutes to watch this video - don't watch until you can watch in one sitting.  If you don't get to this in class - do over the weekend.