Advanced Placement Psychology
Introduction to Psychology

Period 2 Intro to Psych:
JE#3: Would you like to be married some day? If so, why? If not, why not?
Go to PsychSim and click on Dating & your notebook do the following
Dating & Mating 
1. List the three reasons why we fall in love with the people we do.
2. Take the survey and copy the (entire) chart that you see with your results (use a ruler to make it neater)
3. Under the chart, reflect on your results - do you see any surprises? Did you follow a general male preference pattern or female preference pattern...what could explain your results.... 
AP Psych - if you have your Mid-Term Evaluation complete, turn that in with today's assignment
1. Find one other person with the same FRQ sample that you read and compare your evaluation of the sample.
2. At the bottom of your paper / evaluation, have the other person you work with sign your paper.
3. Write a reflection comparing your results: Did you award (or not) the same points - how was your reasoning different, similar? On what points did you disagree about giving the point? 
4. When finish, turn in to guest teacher for hubs to bring home to me...  
Any questions email or tweet:)
 When finish, work on 8B terms (due Tuesday). They are posted in the TERMS section. There are only 20:) 
Intro and AP students, use the link below to check you mid-term answer key: 

 Use the below link to access your daily journal entry as well as the day's class assignment and that evening's homework.  
Remember: your notebook will be turned in EVERY FRIDAY for assessment. You will earn full credit for the following:
1.) All entries are labeled appropriately for EVERY entry. For example, all journal entries must have a date as well as question written out. 
2.) All journal entries are copied in to your notes and answered thoughtfully.
Sometimes, a survey may be used as a journal entry or homework. When this is the case, you are to attach the survey (if directed) in to your notebook.

Use the following link to access daily due dates for reading, class activities, and assignments due. Look in the "link column" for links (or directions to locate links) to handouts, articles, etc...:
**coming soon: updated 2nd Semester testing schedule** 
Important Resources: 

Important Links:
Intro to Psych (2nd Period) TEXTBOOK LINK:
2nd Period General Psych:               
3rd Period AP Psych:                      
4th period AP Psych:
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7th Period AP Psych:
TODAYSMEET: (All AP sections use this link for test review): AP Psych Test Review: