Sun Valley

High School

Paul Carboni
American Literature & Creative Writing

Say hello to Cody, the smartest dog in the world, because he always completes his summer reading.  


Go to
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Password: n8v2f

DO NOW:  Please view the introductory Power Point on Realism/Naturalism.  As you read:

·      Write down at least three concepts present in the Realist movement.

·       Write down the major differences—IN YOUR OWN WORDS—between Realism and Romanticism.

·      What are your questions?  Develop at least two.


Moving from Romanticism/Transcendentalism to Realism/Naturalism:

·      What would be a fundamental flaw a Realist might find with the Romantic style of writing?  Why might the Realist argue that Romanticism is not pragmatic?


Introductory information in the textbook is on pp. 448-461.

Groups of four:

Divide the reading amongs yourselves.  Take notes on your section. 

Share with your group: What are the important elements that you understood from your reading?  

 Writing Resources:

·        Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

·        A Quick Tutorial: How to Cite Text