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Hello Sun Valley!
 The Sun Valley High School has been commended for its continued dedication to the students and for working to improve each and every year.  The plan for improvement will be the outline for Sun Valley's continued commitment to serve the Penn-Delco community by providing top notch education and facilities.
What is Accreditation for Growth?
To be accredited by the Commission on Secondary Schools, a school must meet the Middle States Association’s standards for each major area of a school’s work and activity. These areas include the school’s philosophy/mission/beliefs/objectives, governance and leadership, organizational design and staff, educational programs, learning media services and technology, student services, student life and activities, facilities, health and safety, finances, assessment of student learning, and planning.

However, because Sun Valley High School elected to use the Accreditation for Growth (AFG) protocol for accreditation, the school was required to do more than meet the Association’s standards to be accredited. AFG is a unique accreditation process that uses strategic planning as a vehicle for school improvement and growth in student performance. In AFG, the primary determinants of progress are not the resources a community provides for its schools (the inputs) but, instead, the actual results of the school’s work—the students’ performance. AFG requires the school to establish objectives for improving student performance based on a vision of a preferred future for the school.

Sun Valley High School Objectives

Objective #1: (Academic AchievementBy the year 2018, Sun Valley High School students will demonstrate increased levels of students’ academic performance with appropriate support. Academic activities and assessments will reflect higher expectations and academic challenge.

a.    To improve the base score of the average range by 4 points, each fall to spring, on the reading and math MAP test for 9th, 10th and 11th grades. This measurement includes special education students.

Baseline data:  MAP analysis 2008-2009.  Percentage of students falling below proficiency in Math:  11th grade 74%,  10th grade 62%, 9th grade 56% and reading:  11th grade 66%, 10th grade 52%, 9th grade 49%

b.    9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will increase 5% in MAP goal area 3, reading critically in the content areas.

Baseline data:  MAP analysis 2008-2009.   28% of students at Sun Valley score LO in Critical Reading in Content Areas in the MAP testing.

c.    Raise percent of students achieving proficient and advanced in PSSA Mathematics and Reading Test by 5 percent each year.

Baseline data:  PSSA results 2009.  68% of Juniors tested scored proficient in Reading and 55% scored proficient in mathematics.

d.    Raise the percent of students with special needs who are achieving at least proficient on the PSSA Mathematics and Reading Test by 25 percentage points

Baseline data:  PSSA results 2009.  16% of Junior Special Education students tested scored proficient in Reading and 8% scored proficient in mathematics.

e.     All students will pass the Keystone Examinations requirements in each content area for graduation

Baseline data:  No baseline Data available.  2011 is the pilot year for Keystone examinations

f.      Increase the number of students achieving scores of 3,4 and 5 in the AP exams by 5%

Baseline data:  2009 and 2010 AP Results:  98 students scored at “three” or better in the 2009 AP exams.  122 students scored at “three” or better in 2010.  This was an increase in numbers but a decrease in percentage as the number of students taking the exams has increased by 112 students in two years.


Objective #2: (School Climate)  By the year 2018  students will contribute to a positive school climate as measured by:

a.       A decrease number of discipline referrals by 50%

Baseline data:  2009 data:  There were 2240 incidents reported and referred for disciplinary review in 2009.

b.    Increase in the number of students who matriculate to a four-year college to 85%

Baseline data:  2010 data: 58% of graduating seniors were accepted at a four-year college.

c.    Increase graduation rate for PIMS 4 year cohort to 98%

Baseline data:  2010 data:  According to the Pennsylvania Information Management system.  88% of incoming freshman at Sun Valley in 2007 graduated in 2010 with their four year cohort.  Of those students 11 dropped out of school within the four year period. 

d.    Increase the number of students involved in extra-curricular activities 20%

Baseline data:  2009 data:  624 students participated in extra-curricular activities at Sun Valley in 2009, including sports and non-sport extra-curricular activities.  Band and chorus were not represented as they are curricular settings.